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Study & Master Accounting Grade 10 Workbook

PDF 9781107380516
Study & Master Accounting Grade 10 Workbook
Study & Master Accounting Grade 10 has been especially developed by an experienced author team according to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). This new and easy-to-use course helps learners to master essential content and skills in Accounting. The comprehensive Learner's Book includes; case studies which deal with issues related to the real world; and move learners beyond the confines of the classroom - margin notes to assist learners with new concepts ? especially GAAP flashes; that give learners guidance on General Accepted Accounting Practice examples with solutions after the introduction of each new concept. The Teacher's Guide includes; a daily teaching plan; divided into the four terms; that guides the teacher on what to teach per day and per week moderation templates to assist teachers with assessment solutions to all the activities in the Learner's Book.
School Accounting Education & Reference
Curriculum: CAPS
Subject: Accounting
Grade: 10