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Study & Master Life Sciences Grade 12 Teacher's Guide Adobe Edition

PDF 9781107381803
Study & Master Life Sciences Grade 12 Teacher's Guide Adobe Edition
Study & Master Life Sciences Grade 12 has been especially developed by an experienced author team for the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). This new and easy-to-use course helps learners to master essential content and skills in Life Sciences. The comprehensive Learner's Book includes;an expanded contents page indicating the CAPS coverage required for each strand -a mind map at the beginning of each module that gives an overview of the contents of that module -activities throughout that help develop learners' science knowledge and skills as well as Formal Assessment tasks to test their learning -a review at the end of each unit that provides for consolidation of learning -case studies that link science to real-life situations and present balanced views on sensitive issues -?Information? boxes providing interesting additional information and 'note? boxes that bring important information to the Learner's attention. The innovative Teacher's Guide includes;guidance on the teaching of each lesson for the year -answers to all activities in the Learner's Book -assessment guidelines - templates and resources for the teacher.
School Education & Reference
Curriculum: CAPS
Subject: Life Sciences
Grade: 12